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My name is Liam and welcome to my portfolio site. Here you can find some of the projects I've worked on over the years and any new projects I'm working on. Feel free to look around and explore my work.


If you would like to get in touch about any of my work or potential opportunities then you can reach me via the contact page or by following the social media links below.

Dead Containment - PC

Unreal Engine 4

Dead Containment is an on-rails shooter inspired by classic arcade games. Players fend off the undead as they race through a city under siege, blasting away the horrors that roam the streets. Includes solo and online co-op modes. 

Gravity Chef - Android

Unity, C#

Gravity Chef is a fast paced cooking game where the player controls a chef in a kitchen with ingredients falling from the sky. Players must collect the ingredients in the right order while also keeps the pan the right temperature before the time runs out.

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