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Dead Containment - Stage 02


Tools Used

  • Unreal Engine 4


The second level of Dead Containment starts players on the city streets, with the sun quickly going down and plunging the city into darkness.


Level Design

The level is designed with a mixture of open and tight spaces, allowing for a variety of enemy types with different movement styles and attack types.


This level also includes an area for the first boss of the game. The boss arena is a hotel atrium, designed so the boss can use both charged melee attacks and ranged attacks. The atrium is modelled after a Roman coliseum, with layers of rising walkways and large walls around the edge.

Locations include:

  • Littered streets

  • Pedestrian areas

  • Unlit shop interiors

  • Tight alleyways

  • Open parks

  • Underground passageways

  • Large hotel atrium


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