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Dead Containment - Stage 03


Tools Used

  • Unreal Engine 4


The third level of Dead Containment has players fight through an overrun police station.


Level Design

The map is designed to be maze-like, with multiple floors, hidden passage ways and a variety of room designs.

This level also includes an area for the second boss of the game. The boss arena is a large parking garage under the police station. The area is brightly lit and includes plenty of space for the boss the run towards the player while using cars as cover.

Locations include:

  • Fire filled Streets

  • Police station reception

  • Moonlit hallways

  • Press room

  • Holding cells

  • Flooded bathroom hallway

  • Stairwell

  • Upper floor detective office

  • Clocktower

  • Unlit evidence room

  • Parking garage


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