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Glock 17 - 3D Model


Tools Used

  • Maya 2018

  • Unreal Engine 4


I had to model a firearm for use in a first person shooter as part of a university class, where we were taught the basics of Maya over a 12 week period. The firearm I chose to make was the Glock 17 Gen 4. Tools used include Maya for the modelling and Unreal Engine 4 for the gameplay.


Modelling Process

I started by finding reference images of a Glock 17's top, side, front and back profiles, which I then imported into Maya. I also had a Glock 17 airsoft pistol as a tangible reference. Using these images I could trace a rough outline of the Glock. Since I planned to animate the gun, I created each part of the gun as a different object which I could later rig to a skeleton. These parts being the slide, receiver, trigger and magazine. One problem I had with my reference image was the low resolution which lead to some distortion in the image. The caused some parts to look too big/small and had to be manually corrected.

Finishing touches to my model including correcting the faces to all be triangulated to avoid shading errors as well as having all the edges manually configured to be either hard or soft edges for smoother lighter on more rounded parts of the gun. The model was also UV mapped for textures but no textures were ever made.



Once I was happy with each part of the model, I created a skeleton and rigged each part to allow for animations. 3 animations were created in total; firing, reloading and empty. The animation were made by key frame animations in Maya and were recorded at 60fps for a smooth animation. The firing animation length was close to the real cycle time of a Glock 17 for extra authenticity, which is close to 0.075 seconds.

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